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SkyRC: T100 Charger 2 x 50W


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Description and specification

Dual power and mobility

SkyRC T100 charger is a two-channel charger that is able to charge or discharge all the most common types of batteries. Thoughtful design allows for seamless connection to the balancer and XT60 plug ports. The charger is small, but has as much as 100 watts of power, which allows you to charge the battery with 5 amps. The charger also has AGM and cold charging modes to charge lead-acid and AGM batteries at lower temperatures.

Two charging circuits

The T100 allows you to connect 2 batteries and then intelligently and automatically recharge them to their maximum capacity. Batteries can have different specifications and be of a completely different type

XT60 universal plug

Today’s most popular XT60 plug is built into the T100 charger, making it easy to connect and recharge commonly used batteries. XT60 prevents reverse polarity problems and provides a very stable connection.

Higher voltage reading accuracy

LThe charger software has been highly optimized, allowing the battery voltage to be displayed up to 3 decimal numbers. With the T100, you will be able to measure the voltage with extreme precision during the charging process.

AGM and cold charging modes

AGM batteries are stronger and lighter than typical lead-acid batteries. Although both types of batteries have the same key elements, their chemical structure makes them very different. For this reason, the T100 introduces an AGM battery charging mode. Never charge AGM batteries with an ordinary charger in Pb mode. In addition, the T100 introduces a COLD mode optimized for low temperatures.

Versatility with AGM and cold modes

AGM batteries are easy to maintain, very stable and lighter than other lead-acid batteries. Although they have the same structure, the difference in chemical components translates into large differences in performance. Do not charge AGM batteries with a normal charger in Pb mode. Cold mode allows you to charge the battery at low temperature.


 Charger T100
Power supply cable

Power supply AC 100-240 V
Charging power 100 W (50W x 2)
Discharge power 10 W
Battery type LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV 2-4S, NiMH/NiCd 6-8S, Pb 6/12V
Battery capacity LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV 100-50000 mAh, NiMH / NiCd 100-50000 mAh, Pb 100-50000 mAh
Charging current 0,1 – 5 A
Discharge current
Charging voltage LiPo: 4,18-4,25V/cela, LiIon: 4,08-4,2V/cela, LiFe: 3,58-3,7V/cela LiHV: 4,25-4,5V/cela, NiMH/NiCD – Detekcja Delta-Peak, Pb Normal: 2,4V/cela, Pb AGM: 2,45V, Pb Cold: 2,45V
Discharge voltage LiPo: 3,0-3,3V/cela, LiIon: 2,9-3,2V/cela, LiFe: 2,6-2,9V/cela
LiHV: 3,1-3,4V/cela, NiMH/NiCD – 0,1-1,1V/cela
Balanser 2-4S
Case material Plastic
Dimenisons 100 x 90 x 127 mm
Weight 500 g
Timer 1-170 minutes
Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Display 2×16 LCD highlighted
Outside slots Balancer’s socket XH 2-4S, XT60 slot

Additional information

Preces tips
Input voltage
Charging the batteries